Failure to Pay Child Support

If you are obligated to pay for child support, you need to take the obligation very seriously. Failure to timely pay child support often leads to very serious negative consequences. Child support that you owe cannot be discharged through a bankruptcy. It will follow you to each employer you go to. Ultimately, you could even go to jail.

The parent who is owed child support can do any or all of the following:

  • Property Liens: liens can be placed on any real estate or personal property that is owned by the obligated party.
  • Contempt Filing: failure to pay support can result in a contempt filing, which will most likely result in a court appearance before a judge – the outcome of which can be an order to remediate the situation through payment, jail time, or both jail time and payment of the amount owed.
  • Proceeds from Gambling Winnings: any gambling establishment is required to withhold winnings from a parent who owes child support.
  • Proceeds from Lottery Winnings: as with gambling winnings, if you “hit the lottery”, the state will withhold the amount owed from your winnings.
  • License Suspension: the parent who is owed money can seek to have any license you have suspended for non-payment of child support. This includes your driver’s license as well as any professional licenses you may hold.
  • Checking Your Records Against New Hire Directories: your name can be checked against a list of employers who hired new employees and those who owe back child support.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies: back child support can be reported to credit agencies and not get removed until the obligation is paid.
  • Health Insurance: wage garnishments can be applied to your gross wages in order to provide medical support for your child(ren).
  • Freezing Bank Accounts: any financial assets, including bank accounts, can be garnished, seized or frozen in order to satisfy the back child support obligation.
  • Any Tax Refunds That You May Be Entitled To: if you owe child support, the state and federal tax agencies communicate with each other. The Colorado Child Support agencies report the names of those who owe back child support to the tax agencies, and cross-check against those who are entitled to a tax refund. Any tax refund to which you may be entitled will be taken and applied to the back-child support that you owe.

In sum, paying your child support needs to be a top priority in your life. You children depend on it.

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