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Mediation Attorney in Ft. Collins, CO

Need a Divorce Mediator?

Call the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide to Work With A Mediation Lawyer in Fort Collins, CO

At the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide we are uniquely qualified in being able to combine over 29 years of legal experience and training as a mediator, with years of experience in finance, tax, accounting, real estate, insurance, and business planning so as to offer disputing parties in Colorado a comprehensive mediation experience.

While Counsel at the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide will consider mediating business and real estate disputes, the forte of Paul M. Gaide’s mediation practice is focused on divorce, separation and parenting issues, both pre and post-decree, especially those involving complex business and financial issues.

You may choose to retain the mediation services of the Law Office of Paul M. Gaide if you are already in litigation.

You may choose to retain the mediation services of the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide prior to commencing litigation if any of the following is a significant priority for you:

  • You and the other party are seeking an amicable, cooperative and non-adversarial process to resolve your family issues;

  • You and the other party would like to reduce the costs associated with your family law issues, whether such costs are attorney fees, court costs, or time delays;

  • You and the other party have a desire to keep as much of your information as private as possible;

  • You and the other party have a desire to make well-reasoned, informed decisions, all while reducing the impact of your emotions thereon;

  • You and the other party have a firm belief that each of you collectively know what is in your respective best interests, and the interests of any children, more so than a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator, a Child, and Family Investigator, an Attorney, a Magistrate Judge, or a District Court Judge, all of whom have limited time to understand your situation and potentially make decisions which could impact you the rest of your life; you want to control the process and the results.

Looking For a Peaceful Resolution?

At the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide, the mediation process, while generally informal, is structured. You will be provided with a neutral and unbiased setting for each party to present needs, goals, and objectives in a respectful, honest and calm manner. Each party will agree upon the process to be used for the exchange of information, to present ideas, and to make proposals.

To the extent that neither participant is represented by legal counsel, should you so choose, Paul M. Gaide is attuned to providing each participant in domestic relations mediation with topical information regarding issues which either must be, or should be, resolved under the circumstances of each case.

Should the need arise, the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide has the ability to suggest other professionals who may be of assistance to mediating parties, such as business valuation experts, CPAs, real estate appraisers, financial/investment consultants and advisors, vocational consultants/experts, family counselors, Child, and Family Investigators, etc.

The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement, whether that be on a single issue or on all issues. Should you choose, Counsel at the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide is fully qualified to assist you in drafting your agreements, whether that be a simple Memorandum of Understanding, or a full set of divorce resolution documents, which may include the following:

  • Separation Agreement

  • A Parenting Plan (if applicable)

  • A Certificate of Compliance with C.R.C.P. Rule 16.2 Disclosures

  • An Affidavit for Decree without Appearance of Parties (if children are not involved)

  • A Child Support Worksheet (if children are involved),

  • A Maintenance Worksheet

  • A proposed Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

Generally, you will have to provide a Sworn Financial Statement, on the mandated form, and if children are involved, a Certificate of Completion of the required parenting class.

If you are in need of a highly qualified and experienced attorney to mediate your case and assist you in resolving your issues, you are encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide.