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Parental Responsibilities

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Whether you’re negotiating a child custody agreement or working with the Department of Child Welfare, you need an attorney who knows parental responsibility law. Our goal at the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide is to help you help your child. We can guide you toward positive legal decisions regarding your child’s welfare.

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We can help you work through parental responsibility law

Effective Legal Guidance

Why should you visit the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide? We’re interested in your child’s best interests, just like you. A child custody lawyer can help you:

  • Create a child custody agreement

  • Communicate effectively with your co-parent

  • Structure healthy meeting times with your child

We’ll help you make informed decisions regarding your child’s living situation. Call 970-999-4654 today to schedule an appointment with a parental responsibility law attorney in Fort Collins, CO.