Fixed / Flat Fee Divorce: Rate Schedule


At the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide we understand that a very significant concern of clients is the financial expense of obtaining a divorce.

The financial costs of a traditional contested divorce can be immense and unpredictable, and at times, cause additional stress and consternation to an already turbulent time in the lives of divorcing parties.
At the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide, we will provide divorce mediation services to parties, and draft the following documents, for a flat fee of $5,000.00 (for estates under $3,000,000).

Rate Schedule Includes:

1. Initial in-person consultation with both parties for up to one hour
2. Up to six hours of mediation time
3. Evaluation of client documents / disclosures
4. Drafting of the following documents:

•Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
•Case Information Sheet
•Sworn Financial Statement for each party
•Certificate of Compliance for each party
•Separation Agreement
•Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) Worksheet
•Parenting Plan (if minor children are involved)
•Child Support Worksheet (if minor children are involved)
•Affidavit for Decree Without Appearance of the Parties
•(Proposed) Decree of Dissolution of Marriage
•(Proposed) Support Order

Additional mediation time and services may be provided at the rate of $250.00 per hour.
The parties will be responsible for all filing fees.

No attorney from the Law Offices of Paul M. Gaide will be able to represent either party individually, in court or otherwise, after the initial consultation.