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From Bobbi Harlan:

Paul is an outstanding attorney who truly listens and collaborates in order to focus on what is important to YOU in YOUR case. He has listened, educated, advised, and encouraged me through the most difficult time of my entire life, and I am so thankful that found him. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge and has the experience and foresight to think ahead and consider all areas that could be affected by decisions, making sure that his clients are informed as to all of their options. He holds himself and his clients to a very high standard of ethics and integrity, works tirelessly to come up with creative solutions, and knows his cases and the law backward and forward (which is awesome at trial because he spots lies & misrepresentations immediately and calls them on the spot.) This divorce has been one of the most miserable experiences I've been through, but working with Paul has been one of the best. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in need of an attorney (especially if your case involves imbalances of power and resources) meet with him.

High Asset International Divorce - Client rferral

The extreme difficulties of divorcing a sociopathic narcissist can only be met with very high integrity for any chance of success. Mr. Gaide has shown the highest level of integrity which has allowed the courts to see the circumstances beyond the divorce in my case. With clear, lawful and respectful professionalism that has overcome the manipulations of the SN and willing, funded council. In my case.
By demonstrating to the courts concise and true facts, Mr. Gaide's navigation in this process has maintained the focus and true course of the divorce process.

The very high assets of our marital estate and ongoing businesses are in two countries. The extreme attention to verified information gathering and rapid accumulation of knowledge of the processes abroad and their application and coordination in the US by Mr. Gaide has resulted in far greater and absolute protections of my assets in both countries.

The ability to have accurate and internationally certified information for the foreign country as well as all translated and official information needed for the fair and equitable permanent orders in Colorado has clearly separated us from the noise and lack of integrity in the exhibits from the respondent and his council both in the US and abroad.

Mr. Gaide has represented my case by "raising the bar"
Timely and accurate filings combined with Mr. Gaide's integrity, honesty and unfailing directness with the courts- which in my very high asset, international divorce from a sociopathic narcissist, has given me surety in our final orders and its eventual distribution.
Beyond the extremely complicated nature of my divorce, Mr. Gaide has been highly respectful to me. His experience combined with true compassion has been unfailing throughout our process.


Professional and Smart

From the moment Mr. Gaide took over my case I knew finally I was in good hands. This was a very frustrating long drawn out situation that needed someone who wouldn't give up. Someone who possessed the knowledge necessary to keep me from being taken advantage of. Mr Gaide did just that ! He was not only very professional but truly made the difference between walking away a victim or receiving a fair settlement. He is one smart attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a difficult case.


Hard to write just one paragraph

Paul represented me through the final year and a half of my divorce. Frustrated with the dishonesty of opposing counsel, Paul saved me from financial loss and most importantly the loss of my children. Paul was meticulous in reviewing the countless legal documents that we were bombarded with almost on a daily basis. His financial background and knowledge saved me from hiring outside consultants. His attention to detail is unparelled. He was overly prepared for mediation, depositions, and the courtroom. Paul always truly listened. He made himself available by phone, text, and email. He never lost sight of what was important to me and at the same time protected all my assets. I could not have done it without his unwavering dedication to my case. We will be forever grateful.

Stella and kids

Amazing person/attorney who knows what he is doing and therefore empowers you to make the wise decisions.

I was very lucky to have a lawyer like Paul he helped me win and we didn't just win...we won big, during a high emotional divorce and child custody process he gave me back what was lost for years: a sence of peace, safety and justice. I want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work and support you put into my case I was impressed by the knowledge you have not just at law but culture as well you make me fell very secure and talk to you was like talk to a friend.
If you need an attorney you can trust who will passionately fight for you and knows how, who is personable, reachable and cost-effective Paul Gaide is the one. Thank you so much for being there for me when I most needed it.
He is an outstanding attorney and I highly recommend him.


MSC Review Paul Gaide

Paul Gaide handled my contested divorce from my wife of 32 years. Paul is very knowledgeable about the divorce laws and procedures and represented me well. Paul is also very knowledgeable about tax implications and gave me helpful advice during the divorce process. My divorce was settled 3 days prior to going before the judge. I feel I gave too much to settle but Paul advised me it could be worse. Opposing counsel was onerous and uncooperative which caused my legal fees to go up quite a bit. I became unemployed 3 months after the divorce was final and Paul successfully got my payments lowered to $200/month (from $4800/month!!). I would recommend Paul to friends if they are unfortunate enough to require a divorce attorney.


Great Result

My husband or over 30 years decided that he needed to "find himself ". He expected me to just accept this and to stick me with all the left overs while he took all the money assets. He also did not think he would need to pay me any maintainence after 35 years. Paul was very good with presenting things to me that I would not have realized. He is thoughtful and well organized. He was a good support and helped me greatly at one of the worst times of my life. I was able to get what I deserved and to move forward with my life knowing that I dont have to worry about a roof over my head, and a hot meal every day.


Review of the abilities of Paul M. Gaide

I worked for a company that had hired Paul M. Gaide as one of many attorneys working on our accounts. I found Paul to be so outstanding at what he did as an attorney, I began to give him all of the business in his geographical area instead of the other , less knowledgable firms the company had dealt with in the past. I found Paul to be extremely trustworthy, very responsive and his abilities far exceeded any attorney I have worked with either before and after. I have never seen an attorney who comes up to Pauls abilities and ethics. I would hire Paul i n an instant were I in a position to need an attorney today. I highly recommend him.


Paul is the Definition of Ethics and Dedication

In general, I'm not a big fan of attorneys. However, when my spouse hired a lawyer during separation, it became apparent to me that I would be needing one. I consulted three firms before finally retaining Paul. He has proven to be what I used to believe was a mythical creature: an honest, dedicated attorney who actually listens to the facts of your case and values your input, cares about the outcome (not just the billable hours), and works tirelessly toward a fair and equitable outcome.
Throughout a very long case, against some truly nasty & devious opposing counsel, he has applied his vast wealth of knowledge in finance and law to navigate very complex issues. He is a well-balanced combo of brilliant, creative, stubborn and principled, and I am very, very glad I stumbled upon him.


Excellent in every way-

I have nothing but great hings to say about my experience with Paul M Gaide- I have faith in the justice system again because of his passion and professionalism towards his job and the legal system. I have only one regret- that Ii wish I had consulted with him 1st Not only did he show compassion , He was simply excellent and used every source he could in the most confusing and difficult time in my life. A blessing.


Thanks Paul, for a job well done!

It is with appreciation and without reservation that I write this review for my lawyer Paul Gaide, Esquire. From start to finish Paul led the way though our very difficult divorce. Thoughout this entire complicated process he kept me totally informed and up to date of what was happening. Paul saved us money by facilitating fair settlement in the shortest possible time. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Gaide to anyone that wants a competent, considerate, efficient professional lawyer that can be trusted.


Excellent Client Service

I was so nervous going into the courtroom, I've never dealt with lawyers, courtrooms, or a judge before. I relaxed as soon as Paul started speaking with the judge, his demeanor was as professional as anyone could have hoped for. He and his team made a very difficult personal situation a lot easier. Paul's knowledge of the law and his "take control" attitude was evident from the very beginning. I could not have been happier or more at ease knowing he had my best interests at heart. My husband, who has dealt with lawyers before, stated he knew I was in good hands as soon as he met Paul. Colorado is blessed to have you, thank you sincerely.


Trustworthy, and amazingly capable!
Paul handled my case in court and I felt secure in his knowledge and ability. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a quality, capable and caring lawyer.